Alphabetical Listing of Services - B - Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant

Baby Depot (The)  
Baby's Breath   St Catharines
Banyan Community Services   Hamilton
Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic, The   Toronto
Barclay Diagnostic Imaging   St Catharines
Bartimaeus   Burlington
Barton Medical Pharmacy   Hamilton
Barton Pharmacy   Hamilton
Bay Area Mothers of Multiples (BAMON)  
Bay Gardens Funeral Home - Friends In Grief   Hamilton
Baycrest   Toronto
Bayshore HealthCare - Oakville - Home Health Care Services   Oakville
Bayshore Home Health - Brantford   Brantford
Bayshore Home Health - Guelph   Guelph
Bayshore Home Health - Hamilton   Hamiton
Bayshore Home Health - St Catharines   St Catharines
Baywoods Place   Hamilton
BBYO Ontario   Toronto
Beachcombers Seniors Club   Ridgeway  
Beamsville Diagnostic Imaging   Beamsville
Beamsville Medical Centre Family Health Team   Beamsville
Beckett Adult Leisure Centre   Brantford
Bedford Medical Alert   Toronto
Beginnings Family Services - Hamilton   Hamilton
Behaviour Innovations - Hamilton   Hamilton
Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO)   Burlington
Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO)  
Bell Canada - Accessibility Services Centre   Montreal
Bella Senior Care Residence   Niagara Falls
Belwood Lodge and Camp   Belwood
Bennett Health Care Centre   Georgetown
Bereaved Families of Ontario - Halton/Peel - Centre for Grief and Healing   Mississauga
Bereaved Families of Ontario - South Central Region   Hamilton
Bereaved Families of Ontario - Southwest Region   London
Bereavement Authority of Ontario   Toronto
Bereavement Network of Hamilton, Burlington and Waterdown   Woodstock
Bereavement Support Groups  
Bertram Place Retirement Living Centre   Dundas
Best Care Agency   Binbrook
Beth Tikvah Foundation of Hamilton   Hamilton
Bethany Community Church - St Catharines   St Catharines
Bethany Residence   Burlington
Bethanys Hope Foundation   London
Bethel Community Centre - Port Colborne   Port Colborne
Bethesda   Thorold
Bethlehem Housing and Support Services   St Catharines
Big White Wall  
Billings Court Manor - Long-Term Care Home   Burlington
Binbrook Family Health - Walk-in Clinic   Binbrook
Binbrook Family Health Pharmacy   Binbrook
Binbrook Pharmacy   Binbrook
BioPed Foot Care Centre - Stoney Creek   Stoney Creek
Birch Glen Cooperative Homes   Oakville
Birthright of Brantford   Brantford
Birthright of Hamilton   Hamilton
Blackadar Continuing Care Centre   Dundas
Blindness and Impaired Vision  
Bloor West Village Women's Clinic   Toronto
Blue Mint Dental Hygiene - Mobile Service   Paris
Blue Ridge Walk-in Clinic   Brantford
Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf (The)   Toronto
Bodystream Medical Marijuana Services - Hamilton   Hamilton
Bodystream Medical Marijuana Services - St Catharines   St Catharines
Bonavista Medical Centre Brantford - Walk-in Clinic   Brantford
Bone Disease  
Bonnie Place I and II   Burlington
Boomerang Health   Vaughan
Boundless Adventures   Toronto
Boys and Girls Club of Brantford - Adult Fitness and Leisure Services   Brantford
Boys and Girls Club of Brantford - Child and Youth Services   Brantford
Boys and Girls Club of Niagara - Niagara Falls - Nightlight Youth Services   Niagara Falls
Boys and Girls Club of Niagara - Niagara Falls Club and Corporate Office   Niagara Falls
Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton   Hamilton
Bradfield Pharmacy   Niagara Falls
Brain Injury Association of Fort Erie   Fort Erie
Brain Injury Association of Niagara   St Catharines
Brain Injury Association of Peel and Halton   Mississauga
Brain Injury Community Re-Entry - Niagara   Thorold
Brain Injury Services   Hamilton
Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada   London
Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada - Burlington Adult Brain Tumour Support Group   Burlington
Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada - Niagara Adult Brain Tumour Support Group   Thorold
Branches of Life   Brantford
Brands for Canada   Toronto
Brant (County of)   Burford
Brant Association for Breastfeeding Information, Education, and Support - BABIES  
Brant Community Healthcare System   Brantford
Brant County Dental Society   Brantford
Brant County Health Unit   Brantford
Brant Elder Abuse Committee   Brantford
Brant Family and Children's Services   Brantford
Brant Lakeshore Pharmacy   Burlington
Brant Pain Relief Clinic   Brantford
Brant Towers   Brantford
Brant United Way   Brantford
Brant/Brantford Roundtable on Poverty   Brantford
Brantford (City of)   Brantford
Brantford and District Ostomy Association   Brantford
Brantford Clinic   Brantford
Brantford Life Care Pharmacy   Brantford
Brantford Lift   Brantford
Brantford Medical Imaging   Brantford
Brantford Medical Pharmacy   Brantford
Brantford Native Housing   Brantford
Brantford Podiatry Associates   Brantford
Brantford Public Library   Brantford
Brantford RAAM Clinic (The)   Brantford
Brantford Radiology Group   Brantford
Brantford Scottish Rite Association   Brantford
Brantford Welcome In Resource Centre   Brantford
Brantford West Medical Centre - Walk-in Clinic   Brantford
Brantwood Community Services   Brantford
Brantwood Villa   Cayuga
Breakaway Addiction Services   Toronto
Breastfeeding Niagara  
Breathe Easy Respiratory Home Care   London
Bridge (The)   Brantford
Bridges Community Health Centre - Fort Erie   Fort Erie
Bridges Community Health Centre - Port Colborne   Port Colborne
Bridging the Gap   Burlington
Brierwood Gardens   Brantford
Brock Niagara Penguins   St Catharines
Brock University   St Catharines
Brodies Drug Store   Ridgeway
Bronte Harbour Nursery School - Walton Memorial United Church   Oakville
Brooke's Home Care  
Brucefield Manor Retirement Home   Mount Pleasant
BSO Community Outreach Team (COT)  
BSO Integrated Community Leads  
BSO Teams  
Bunting and Carlton Medical Clinic   St Catharines
Burl-Oak Naval Veterans - Halton Naval Veterans Hall   Burlington
Burlington (City of)   Burlington
Burlington and Area Midwives - Burlington - 159 Plains Rd   Burlington
Burlington and Area Midwives - Burlington - 4332 New St   Burlington
Burlington Baptist Church - Circle of Friends   Burlington
Burlington Dental Academy   Burlington
Burlington Family Health Team   Burlington
Burlington Food Bank   Burlington
Burlington Gardens   Burlington
Burlington Public Library   Burlington
Burlington Seniors Community   Burlington
Burlington Transit   Burlington
Burlington Walk-in Clinic   Burlington
Burloak Long Term Care Centre   Burlington
By the Willow   Dunnville
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