OSOM: October – “I Am A Ghost”

I worked at an after-school arts studio for several years where I taught music lessons.  One evening as we were closing up, a student was walking a cement parking block like a tightrope.  I said, “Hey, you’ve got great balance.”  She looked up quickly, her eyes meeting mine with equal parts surprise and annoyance, and replied, “I’m a ghost.  Don’t talk to me.”  Having no idea what I should say next, I obeyed and walked silently to my car.  I knew that was a lyric for a future song of mine, and now finally here it is.

I had the great pleasure of working with the talented John Read for the cover art this month.  All I had was a vague idea, and so I basically just asked him to put a one minute sample of audio into visual form.  Along with some modeling coaching from his wife, I managed to strike a pose, and John’s skills of lighting, composition, and post-production work did the rest.  It is a literal picture perfect counterpart to the song.  The two must go together for the month’s work to be complete, in my opinion.

This was my first month attempting to make alterations and effects to electronic drums.  I also experimented with layered vocals and delay plug-ins.

I hope it haunts you in the best of ways.

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