OSOM: September – “Brave”

My early high school years were heavily influenced by punk rock music.  I was the bassist and front man for the melodic punk trio Third Fury. (Note: All recordings were lost at sea, in a great fire, or otherwise destroyed for the sake of all parties involved, so just don’t even ask.)  I loved the raw emotion of the genre, and the blurred lines of creative polish and creative chaos.  I still do love it actually.  Even still today I can find my writing influenced by punk rock.  It’s a faint influence, to be sure, but punk rock is more than distortion and mohawks.

For this month, I wanted to give a subtle nod to that part of my journey.  It is tamed and shaped by my current creative aesthetics, but just enough to feel that edge and tonality.  I also got a kick out of writing most of it while sitting at my new corporate desk job – my way of “sticking it to the man” or something, I guess.  Lyrics, chords, melody, drum beats, all of it from my head to paper, and it actually worked (90%ish at least).

I stretched myself technically by using a four mic technique on drums, recorded on location at my church.  Also, I used a couple new electric guitar techniques which gave me good experience in an area I don’t go to much.

So here it is.  Hope you enjoy!


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