Home – June

My wife, Hazel, and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary this month, so naturally I was inspired to write a love song.  I reflected on how we met, the adventures we’ve shared, and what it’s been like to build a home together.

That’s when the idea hit me: home.  It’s what it means to be with her.

I’ve had a number of homes in my life.  I was born in Oklahoma, lived in California five years, then on the eastern side in North Carolina by way of Oklahoma a second time.  Nashville became a home away from home in college as well.  My family has often joked about living our way across I-40.

From the part of my journey I’m in now, it is almost like God was moving us closer and closer to North Carolina, where Hazel has lived all but the first few years of her life.  He moved us all this way, maybe even just so we could meet.  Hence the chorus of the song:

Every new town
Every move that changed my clocks
Every last goodbye
I would do it all again, I would do it all again
Cause it brought me home to you

On the technical side of things this month, it was my goal to record new instruments.  I tried my hand at the mandolin and using brushes on the snare drum.  They both turned out pretty well, but I ended up cutting a lot of the mandolin parts for arrangement reasons.  But still, a valuable learning experience.

The track is below, along with a lyric video.  I’d love for you to take a few minutes to listen, share, and let me know what you think!